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You will get an email in the next 15-20 minutes with access to the client portal where you can track your order progress. Please be patient while we set up your account.

To get started, you'll need to login and complete the required questionnaire. We will begin the working on your press release after we receive your responses.  We'll complete the research and writing phase of your press release within 7 business days after we receive your completed questionnaireIf any revisions need to be made, we'll work with you until you're 100% satisfied.

After we get your stamp of approval, we will distribute your press release across our networks and newswires. It can take up to 10 business days to reach full syndication. You will receive a report with links to all the websites that published your story. We keep you updated during every phase of the process. 

IMPORTANT: If you want to be featured on 250+ news sites, you must provide links and images that are clean and radio-friendly. The newswires will not accept music with parental advisory explicit content warnings, song/album titles or cover art referencing illegal drug-use, nudity, sex, violence, hate, racism, or any content that is obscene. If you submit music, cover art or links containing explicit content, it will get rejected by our distribution partners, it will not  be published to any news sites and you will not receive a refund. Your press release will still be posted on a handful of music industry blogs (5 - 12 depending on your genre).


You will receive an email with your download links. Make sure to check your spam folders. If our emails are being flagged as spam, please whitelist us so that you don't miss out on any important information. For whitelist instructions, click here.

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