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done for you marketing funnel (VALUE $1997)

We build it for you!  Save time, money, and headaches. We will set up your website with an ecommerce store (including merchandise) plus all your marketing pages and automated follow up emails.  The heavy lifting is done for you.


Access The Best Automated Marketing Funnel And Music Website Builder Your professional music website acts as your base camp for your marketing operation.  We deal with all the technical stuff so you can focus on making music. Website hosting is included as long as you're a premium member.

The Music Selling Machine Blueprint (value $495)

Convert fans into album-buying customers. This complete 6 module training course will teach you step-by-step how to create a marketing funnel for your music business to attract more fans and sell more albums… all on total autopilot.

The Industry Database  (value $295)

Our 28,000+ Database Of Everyone Who Is Anyone In The Music Industry. This includes publishers, record label executives, managers, supervisors, A&R reps, publicity sources and so much more.

Use the industry database to quickly find more music supervisors to submit your music to. We add new contacts and update our database daily.

Press Release Distribution (value $195 per month)

Reach 5000+ media contacts and music journalists with our press release distribution service .    The fastest way to massive publicity for your new single, album or concert. Submit your announcement using our press release creator and we'll blast your news to top media contacts in your genre and distribute it all over social media. 

Music Magazine & Radio Game Plan (value $195)

Your Publicity Machine. There is a vast spectrum of publicity avenues open to you, such as radio, music magazines as well as social media, such as Facebook and Snapchat.

You get the game plan on how to get FREE publicity from music magazines and radio interviews.

Plus, we have several courses about each dedicated to covering tips and tricks to grow your fan base, empowering you get the very best mileage from every single one.

Music Legal Contracts (value $395)

To avoid your career getting mired in legal disputes in the future, it’s essential that you always have the correctly created documents and contracts in place to protect your interests.

Lawyers charge $$$$ to create these sorts of documents, so this one bonus package of over 100 contracts created by top entertainment attorneys is actually worth more than your investment in the program. 

Artist Consultation

Artist Consultation   (VALUE $195)

This potent interactive section will make it easy for you to take action on important aspects of your music business.

These include legal considerations, the financial resources you can tap into, the important aspects you need to take into account if you plan to sell CDs and other merchandise.

It will also help you leverage the power of social media, press and radio.


This vital piece of content organizes all your music, biography, photos and press material all in one place. Create a beautiful magazine-style EPK that will impress fans and industry execs.

Artist Biography

Artist biography Tips and Tricks

People buy from people – and never more so in the music business. So this is where you put a human face to your name, projecting your image to both music business people and would-be fans alike.

And, with the wealth of insider tips awaiting you, you’ll find it a slam dunk to create a great bio for yourself – even if you’ve struggled to scribble a PostIt® note in the past.

5 Fatal Mistakes

Avoiding simple blunders  

We inevitably make mistakes. So it’s vital you’re aware of the big career pitfalls you need to avoid. Forewarned is forearmed!

Your success mindset

Your attitude is one of the key drivers for your performance and eventual success. So here is where you add this important ingredient to the mix.

Music Grants Report

There are grants currently available for musicians to advance their career, so this must-have bonus gives you the heads-up on them and shows you how to apply. 

Your music career battle plan

As well as a business plan you need to map out a detailed strategy for your music career and this course makes that a slam dunk, too.

The vital business plan

Every successful business has a business plan. And because you need to run your music career like a business — and not a hobby — you need one too.

So this training module makes it a snap to set one up, making it simple to stay focused and organized which will help you reach success much faster.


This can be a perfect win-win situation for you and your fans because, by helping bankroll your growth, fans feel more involved in the creative process and you avoid the straitjacket that a formal loan arrangement might impose on you.

So this training module gives you all the details you need to get it right first time.


Normally the investment to get access to all of the tools and resources to advance your music career is $59.95 per month. But with our limited time sale, you can test it out for a full 30 days at 20% OFF. If you decide to keep your membership (which I know you will love), you'll lock in the lifetime discounted price of $47 per month.



ArtistPR Premium Membership

  • * LIMITED TIME OFFER * Done For You Marketing Funnel (value $1997): We build your website and marketing funnel for you! Save time, money, and headaches.
  • Website Builder & Hosting (value $99 per month): We deal with all the technical stuff so you can focus on making music. Website hosting is included as long as you're a premium member. 
  • The Music Selling Machine Blueprint (value $495): Discover how to create a loyal following of album buying fans all on total autopilot.
  • The Industry Database (value $295) with over 28,000 music industry contacts
  • Music Magazine & Radio Game Plan (value $195): Get more publicity from music magazines & radio interviews.
  • Music Legal Contracts (value $395): Save $1000s in lawyer fees with over 100 legal templates written by top entertainment attorneys. 
  • And much, much more!

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30-Day Guarantee

100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

If after you try the ArtistPR Premium Membership and you don’t think it’s the best marketing tools, tips, and tricks you’ve heard, simply email me and I’ll give you a full refund.

If for any reason — or no reason at all — you aren’t 100% delighted and you don’t see more sales and exposure, email me immediately. No hard feelings, and we’ll part ways as friends.


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This is the best promotional tool for Artists and bands

“Jah Bless you ArtistPR. You are the ultimate marketing tool for Bands and Independent Artists. This is the best promotional tool for Artists and bands I have seen in my 20 plus years in the music business.”

H.R. (Lead singer of The Bad Brains)

ArtistPR filled that missing link

“Our team knew how to produce and distribute a track, but we were at a loss as to how we could efficiently leverage marketing efforts to radio stations, magazines, press, and people of influence. ArtistPR filled that missing link.

They not only help you reach out to the masses; they also have online learning modules that are organized and fun to go through —courses that teach music business etiquette, marketing, professionalism, and work ethics — the ingredients of success.”

Hollywood Image Studios (Production And Management For Christine Lee)

so many useful resources at my fingertips

“Thanks… for putting so many useful resources at my fingertips. Your material is well organized and superbly presented.”

Jamie Parsons (Composer, Songwriter, and Three Time Award Winner in The Billboard World Song)

the info I have gotten and brought from you is golden 

“It’s awesome to have you as a partnership with our movement; You have taught and showed me a lot. I’m thankful to have your wisdom of support; Your formula is soaking in my brain. It has giving me a fabulous play book of right action; I also have a licensing deal I just signed with two dozen tracks of mine with a publisher. So a lot of the info I have gotten and brought from you is golden; I like your team spirit to help me display my brand an catalog to the massive of fans and new opportunities that may arrive. So I’m doing everything you taught me in the steps and guide line you demonstrate to am confident more the ever that more people will know me and the music I create – All thanks to you…”

Young Tibay (Independent Musician)

This advice has helped me out tremendously

“Hello, I just want to take the time to say Thank You for all of your inspiring advice given to me. This advice has helped me out tremendously and you all just do not know how much I’ve learned from this advice! I pray that God blesses you and increase you in every aspect of your life!.”

Shaheim Pegues-Evans (Gospel Recording Artist)

great tech support and help

"ArtistPR gained my loyalty through outstanding journalism, and I am especially pleased with my artist biography and recent press release. I am most grateful for the encouraging words that ArtistPR has placed upon these stepping stones of my career, and I appreciate all of the great tech support and help that I have received from the ArtistPR support staff in my continuing quest to be my best…

ArtistPR even developed my Electronic Press Kit and website for me in accordance with my custom specifications..."

Count Drawko (Independent Musician)

I had no idea there was so many places to promote, market and sell our music.

“ArtistPR is dope as @%^&, I had no idea there was so many places to promote, market and sell our music. This would be a great tool for any artist or label trying to promote their music.”

J. Swift (Pharcyde)

dave aaron

They can get you the exposure you need where you need it

“ArtistPR is who I use when I want to get publicity. They can get you the exposure you need where you need it. They have the contacts and ability to bring an artist or a project to the public with the grandeur that it deserves.

Great publicity can make all the difference with a budding or even a flourishing artist — It can set the tone of success for a great project — It can bring a career to the forefront — and it is a key ingredient for the success of any endeavor in the entertainment business.

People must know you exist and this is what ArtistPR does for you.

Dave Aron (Engineer to Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, P. Diddy, U2, Deftones)

ArtistPR can submit your music to thousands of media outlets all over the world

“Without a doubt ArtistPR is one of the most amazing music promotion companies to ever come along. Whether you are a small band in a rehearsal space or a national touring act on a major label, ArtistPR offers something for everyone….

ArtistPR can submit your music to thousands of media outlets all over the world. ArtistPR is a brilliant company with a Rock n' Roll Heart."

Jesse Camp (MTV VJ and Hollywood Records Recording)


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