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Howdy budding super star…

Imagine, after months — years even — of struggling to get your musical talents recognized, you’re suddenly accepted and the wonderful world of success and stardom is wide open for you.

Sound like a stretch?

That’s what Young Tibay thought — until it happened to him …

” I also have a licensing deal I just signed with two dozen tracks of mine with a publisher.  

It’s awesome to have you as a partnership with our movement; You have taught and showed me a lot. I’m thankful to have your wisdom of support; Your formula is soaking in my brain. It has giving me a fabulous play book of right action;

I also have a licensing deal I just signed with two dozen tracks of mine with a publisher. So a lot of the info I have gotten and brought from you is golden...

Young Tibay, Independent Musician

ArtistPR helps future music super stars, like Young Tibay — and you — to get their career on the fast track by adding the vital rocket fuel of our marketing know-how to the mix.

You see, you’re brilliant at making music.

But in a highly competitive world of music, no matter how solidly based — talent alone is…

No guarantee of success

Perhaps you’ve heard The Beatles were originally rejected by the Decca Record Company?

Nor are they alone, because Dave Grohl, Missy Elliot, Kanye West , Ed Sheeran – and even Lady Gaga, Morrissey, The Supremes, Madonna and U2 — were either initially turned down flat or dropped before their careers really took off. 

So, even if you have a similar high level of talent to these super stars, you can clearly see you STILL need all the help you can get.

Which is where our experienced team can help you.

Because we know the KEY secret of SUREFIRE PERSUASION

It’s simply this …

In order to get anyone to do what you want, you need to know what THEY want. 

Once you know that, and you tell them what they want to hear, all resistance will melt away.

And so it is, whether you’re persuading a music executive to help you or building a rabid following of fans.

Which is why we are your Secret Weapon for Success

ArtistPR was founded in 2005 by John Macallister.

Before that, he enjoyed a 20 year career working for some of the top record labels, including Columbia, Epic and Arista and was part owner of 4:20 Records.

Which means he knows precisely what music executives need to hear to make them say “Yes!”.

And because of his unique strengths as a music industry ‘insider’ he has been mightily successful in launching and fast-tracking the careers of Oasis and many other top bands, including…

Alice In Chains, Bad Brains, Brownstone, Cypress Hill, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Sponge, Stabbing Westward, The Fugees, The Offspring and Zak Ambrose.

And all that accumulated knowledge, precious experience and contacts is gathered together in one place: ArtistPR.

Voted Top 10 MusicPR Firms


ArtistPR has been voted one of the Top 10 Music Public Relations Firms for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 by 10bestpr.com

Think of it as a Navy SEAL Black Ops Boot Camp, where everything you need for your successful assault in the music scene is at your command.

That will make light work of getting your profile and your music out there and being heard by the right people — be they music business executives or fans — so you can carry on doing what you do best: make music, safe in the knowledge you’re getting better known and enjoying an increasing income with every passing hour.

And here’s just a tiny glimpse inside our powerful marketing machine…

  • your powerhouse music selling machine - Done for you.
    The secret sauce of selling is a sales funnel. This ingenious system converts casual visitors into rabid fans who eagerly buy everything you put out there and become your best ambassadors, telling all their friends about this great artist on the scene – YOU. We create your sign up forms, landing pages and thank you pages. You simply fill out a few forms and we do the rest.
  • The red hot core of your marketing operation – your very own website.
    We build your professional looking site complete with an eCommerce store that acts as your base camp for your marketing operation. You don't need to know any coding and if you have an existing website, our tech team will help you transfer it over.
Done-For-You Email Marketing
  • Familiarity creates sales.
    That saying: ”Familiarity breed contempt”, does not apply to music marketing where regularly reaching out to your growing base of fans will reap rich rewards in the form of ever growing sales, profits and happiness for you. We set up your emails to automatically follow up with your newest fans and encourage them to buy your albums. Best of all, this will be on total autopilot and the emails are already written for you!
  • Our 28,000+ database of everyone who is anyone in the music industry. 
    This includes publishers, record label executives, managers, supervisors, A&R reps, publicity sources and so much more. We add contacts to and update our database daily.
  • Reach 5000+ media contacts and music journalists with our press release distribution service. 
    The fastest way to massive publicity for your new single, album or concert. Submit your announcement using our press release creator and we'll blast your news to top media contacts in your genre and distribute it all over social media.
Artist Biography
  • Your Artist biography. People buy from people – and never more so in the music business. So this is where you put a human face to your name, projecting your image to both music business people and would-be fans alike. And, with the wealth of insider tips awaiting you, you’ll find it a slam dunk to create a great bio for yourself – even if you’ve struggled to scribble a PostIt® note in the past.
  • Your publicity machine. There is a vast spectrum of publicity avenues open to you, such as radio, music magazines as well as social media, such as Facebook and Snapchat. We have several courses about each dedicated to covering tips and tricks to grow your fan base, empowering you get the very best mileage from every single one.
5 Fatal Mistakes
  • Avoiding simple blunders. We inevitably make mistakes. So it’s vital you’re aware of the big career pitfalls you need to avoid. Forewarned is forearmed!
  • Your music manager. Initially you should be your own music manager. But eventually, when your career takes off, you’ll need to work with one. So this training module gives you the inside track on selecting the ideal one for you to make your career path silky smooth.
  • Your success mindset. Your attitude is one of the key drivers for your performance and eventual success. So here is where you add this important ingredient to the mix.
  • Your electronic press kit. This vital piece of content organizes all your music, biography, photos and press material all in one place, making it a simple ‘one-click’ process to drop it into the many music websites that allow you to post a profile or EPK, raising your profile by a mile.
  • The vital business plan. Every successful business has a business plan. And because you need to run your music career like a business — and not a hobby — you need one too. So this training module makes it a snap to set one up, making it simple to stay focused and organized which will help you reach success much faster.
  • Your music career battle plan. As well as a business plan you need to map out a detailed strategy for your music career and this course makes that a slam dunk, too.
  • Crowdfunding. This can be a perfect win-win situation for you and your fans because, by helping bankroll your growth, fans feel more involved in the creative process and you avoid the straitjacket that a formal loan arrangement might impose on you. So this training module gives you all the details you need to get it right first time.

And much, MUCH more …

And, because I’m determined you’ll make a rip-roaring success of your music career, I’ve created these very special bonuses to quickly transform you into a super star at head-snapping speed …

Artist Consultation
  • Fast Action Bonus #1 – Artist Consultation FREE for you because you’re getting on board today. This potent interactive section will make it easy for you to take action on important aspects of your music business. These include legal considerations, the financial resources you can tap into, the important aspects you need to take into account if you plan to sell CDs and other merchandise. It will also help you leverage the power of social media, press and radio.
  • Fast Action Bonus #2 – Music Grants Report FREE for you because you’re getting on board today. There are grants currently available for musicians to advance their career, so this must-have bonus gives you the heads-up on them and shows you how to apply.

But don’t just take my word for how great this program is. Read what my delighted clients say…


Our team knew how to produce and distribute a track, but we were at a loss as to how we could efficiently leverage marketing efforts to radio stations, magazines, press, and people of influence. ArtistPR filled that missing link.

They not only help you reach out to the masses; they also have online learning modules that are organized and fun to go through – courses that teach music business etiquette, marketing, professionalism, and work ethics – the ingredients of success.

Hollywood Image Studios, production and management for Christine Lee

Your Material Is Well Organized and superbly Presented.  

Thanks… for putting so many useful resources at my fingertips.  Your material is well organized and superbly presented.

Jamie Parsons, Composer, Songwriter and three time award winner in the Billboard World Song Contest.

I had no idea there was so many places to promote, market and sell our music.  

ArtistPR is dope as @%^&, I had no idea there was so many places to promote, market and sell our music. This would be a great tool for any artist or label trying to promote their music.

J. Swift, Pharcyde

We secured an amazing amount of interviews and reviews just by using the services of ArtistPR!  

ArtistPR was fast and very effective!! They distributed our Press Release to thousands of music magazines, radio stations & ezines all around the planet!!!

We secured an amazing amount of interviews and reviews just by using the services of ArtistPR! If you are looking to be noticed, I highly recommend using ArtistPR to any Artist or Musician out there !

If you are serious about getting your music exposed to radio and press, contact ArtistPR & they will get the job done right!!! Rock N’ Roll!!

Billy Rowe, JetBoy

they reached the people that matter!  

ArtistPR was instrumental in getting the word out for us in new territories. Straight up and easy to deal with, they reached the people that matter!

Dave Thomas, Doomfoxx

But don’t even take THEIR word for it either

Because I could show you plenty more glowing testimonials like these — but NOTHING beats you being able to prove to yourself it actually works for YOU.

So I’m going to allow you to take the entire program away for a 30-day test drive.

Dive into this comprehensive program and marvel at the ingenuity and ease of deployment of the various strategies.

30-Day 100% Money Back Guaranteed

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

If at any time within the 30 days, you’re not convinced this arrangement is perfect for you, then simply shoot us a quick email. 

After all, the whole program is digital, so it’s not like you have to pack it all up and mail it back, is it?

And after you let us know it’s not right for you, you’ll receive a full refund of every penny of your investment.

Ah, yes – your investment.

Were you to visit us here in Hollywood for face to face training, I guess you’d probably have to beg for time off work and certainly spend a great deal of time and money on traveling and accommodation – added to which we charge $400 an hour for face to face training.

But I wanted to make this easy and affordable for budding super stars, like you, because I figure you deserve to finally step up to a better, brighter life, starting TODAY.

And, because we only have to create each training session once, you can take the whole program away for a 30 day test drive for just $59.95 – a tiny fraction of what just one hour of face to face training would cost.

I'm confident you'll find our website builder and music marketing tools and resources so useful you'll see a fantastic return on your investment and enjoy our services for a significant period of time.

However, you're always free to cancel anytime to stop any future charges. It's an easy hassle-free process that you can complete online, by emailing us or even leaving a voicemail on our cancellation line.

The program is a series of logical, easy to use modules revealing the dark arts of effective marketing in the music business with the added advantage and convenience of your being able to enjoy everything at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. 

So pour a cold beer, relax on your favorite coach, sit back and enjoy absorbing our potent secrets.

Another advantage is you can re-run the videos as often as you like, to be certain you gain the absolute maximum mileage from your training.

With such a rare opportunity as this, where you can be privy to all the hard-won secrets I've amassed over 20 years in the business, there can only be one question...

ArtistPR is one of the most Amazing Music Promotion companies to ever come along.  

Without a doubt ArtistPR is one of the most Amazing Music Promotion companies to ever come along. Whether you are a small band in a rehearsal space or a National Touring Act on a Major Label ArtistPR offers something for everyone. For the price of just $60 a month ArtistPR can submit your music to thousands of media outlets all over the world. ArtistPR is a brilliant company with a Rock n Roll Heart.

Jesse Camp, MTV VJ and Hollywood Records Recording Artist

What will you do with your new found wealth?

Because I’m sure you’ll love seeing the reaction of your horse-mad young daughter as you hand her the reins of her very own pony.

And you’re bound to enjoy the gleeful reaction of your too-young–to drive-on the-highway son as he sees the beach buggy you’ve bought for him.

And just imagine that magical day, when you reward yourself for being shrewd enough to grab this life-changing package, and stride into the showroom of that luxury car dealer, walk up to the top model and slip into that elegant leather seat.

Then as you grasp that chunky steering wheel, drink in that ‘new car’ smell and gaze over that enormous hood, the sales manager appears at your elbow.

But – before he can utter a word – you render him speechless by saying you’ll take it and you’ll be paying CASH.

Those are just the type of electrifying experiences you can look forward to – once you finally experience the sheer BLASTING POWER of money!

With such a rare opportunity as this – where you’ll neatly side-step all the frustrations and disappointments of getting your music career blasted into high orbit with the help of ArtistPR’s awesome program, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say …

This is one of your Crossroad Days

Most days are routine. But then, once in a while, there comes a magical day that can transform your life beyond all recognition – if you make the right choice. 

Crossroad days are the sort of days when you chose what college to attend or what career to follow and who to spend your life with. 

And then there is THIS day — when you finally have the golden opportunity to step up to that new life of super stardom you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Finally you’ll be able to live life as you want to live it.

So what will you choose to do?

Carry on as before, convinced your music is so good you don’t need to sell it or trying to figure how to ‘sell’ yourself to the big wide world, all the time wondering, deep down, if you’ll ever really manage to make it to the big time on your own. 


Will you realize that, for a small investment of just $59.95 you’ll enjoy immediate access to our powerful music selling machine, empowering you to escape to that better, brighter life of fame and fortune in the music industry that many crave but few ever achieve. 

And to make your journey even smoother I have a very special SUPER BONUS for you…

Music Legal Contract - Over 100 Templates
  • Fast Action SUPER Bonus — 100+ Legal contract templates FREE to you provided you get on board before the timer hits zero. 
  • To avoid your career getting mired in legal disputes in the future, it’s essential that you always have the correctly created documents and contracts in place to protect your interests. And I hardly need tell you how much lawyers charge to create these sorts of documents, so this one bonus package of over 100 contracts created by top entertainment attorneys is actually worth more than your investment in the program. 

So to be certain of claiming this most vital part of your music career kit, make sure you go ahead before the timer below hits zero – otherwise you won’t qualify for the fabulous SUPER bonus!

This is the best promotional tool for Artists and bands.  

Jah Bless you ArtistPR. You are the ultimate marketing tool for Bands and Independent Artists. This is the best promotional tool for Artists and bands I have seen in my 20 plus years in the music business.

H.R., Lead singer of The Bad Brains (the pioneers of hardcore punk)

P.S. There is no big decision required today, because you can take full advantage of my 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

So the only way you can possibly lose on this is if you don’t take full advantage of this valuable — no strings attached — test drive to make sure this program is perfect for you.

P.P.S. In her book, ‘Five Regrets Of The Dying’, Australian palliative care nurse, Bonnie Ware, reports that one of the top regrets of the terminally ill patients she nursed were the opportunities they failed to take advantage of.

So they forever wondered: “What if, I’d had to courage to go ahead. Would my life have turned out differently?”

But, if you go ahead right now and check this out (totally without any risk), then you’ll never have to wonder… 

“What if I’d had taken up ArtistPR's no risk offer. How differently would my music career have turned out?”